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Affordable Roofing: Roofing Contractor Waterford

Imperial Drives: Driveway Paving Coventry

CLASSIC PAVING PORT JEFFERSON Port Jefferson Asphalt Contractor

CLASSIC PAVING SUFFOLK COUNTY Suffolk County Asphalt Contractor

CLASSIC PAVING FARMINGVILLE Farmingville Asphalt Contractor

CLASSIC PAVING LONG ISLAND Long Island Asphalt Contractor





DRIVEWAY SOLUTIONS Dublin Tarmac Contractors

SIGNATURE DRIVES  Driveway Paving Hemel Hempstead

The art of driveway paving

When we think of exterior design and installations, paving and surfacing in particular, the word ‘art’ wont normally come into our heads because many people see it as a gritty,  hard job and although it can be a hard job, the precision and skill needed is huge. Block paving, a style of paving and indeed surfacing itself, will use some of the best stonework around. It’s normally used on driveways and on patios alike and even on roads!

Block paving, if you choose to use it, is quite possibly one of the best choices you could make because it will not only add an extra clean layer to your home, it also separates it from other exterior surfaces. Here at Regency Pavers we actually specialise in particular with paving and surfacing and block paving is one of the most common and favourites from our clients! It can be designed to your specification, we can design totally unique driveways or patios that can match your home and completely individualise it. The extensive range of designs we have will give you a huge selection to choose from.

We’ll take care of everything for you; with a dedicated team of professionals at hand that can fully excavate your drive, removing any weeds and waste materials, before they start the block paving process of laying a solid base, while we design and customise your new driveway. Whatever the design and colour of block paving that you have decided upon will then be installed and with careful accuracy we’ll leave you with a driveway that will last you years!

Think you might be interested in having us look at your project or driveway? Don’t hesitate to get in touch now by contacting us at our website :



We would like to thank some of our sponsors that have contributed greatly in funding the crossover to our new project. Currently the listing is shabby but we hope to add a proper section in soon that will allow us to properly thank them and show them in the right light.

The list is as follows:

Regency Driveways . Paving Athlone company

Select Paving . Your Local Paving Contractor in Dublin

JcContractors. Dublin paving company

Dublin Tarmac. A Dublin Tarmac contractor

Out n About. Used caravan retailer in Newbridge

Connaught Caravan Sales. Used Caravans Galway

Roofing Specialists. Guttering Dublin

CGM Paving and Tarmac Contractor. Paving Contractor Dublin

B and J Paving Tarmac . Dublin Paving Contractor

All Stone Driveways. Paving Cork Contractor

Dundrum Paving, Site: Paving Contractors Dublin

O’Brien Paving Dublin: Paving Contractor Dublin

Boss Paving, Site:

MKD Paving and Masonry. Paving Contractor New Jersey

JD Paving and Masonry. Paving Contractor Suffolk County

MD Tarmac and Paving: Tarmac Contractor Waterford

Ideal Driveways and Patios: Paving Contractor Cork

Oneill Paving NY:  Asphalt Paving Long Island

Fairstone: Landscaping Contractor Dublin

Surefix Roofing : Roofing Repairs Dublin

FCD Driveways Cork:    Tarmac Contractor Cork

FCD Driveways Limerick:  Tarmac Contractor Limerick

FCD Driveways Galway:   Tarmac Contractor Galway

FCD Driveways Waterford:   Tarmac Contractor Wexford

FCD Driveways Dublin:   Tarmac Contractor Dublin

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