Roof Washing

Roof Washing

Making sure your roof is clean and that the surface water drains from your is a vital part of any roof maintenance to ensure a long term and durable roof. Algae and moss build up on your roof will have a huge impact on the lifespan of your roof and gutter system, it can lead to gutters failing and since algae and moss both hold moisture, it can cause your roof tiles to hold onto moisture. This can cause tiles to slip or worse, damp to build up and penetrate the underlay below your tiles on your roof.

Soft washing roofs and hard washing roofs are the two most common forms of roof cleaning. Soft washing is the more gentle version and used on roof tiling that might get damaged through hard washing. The soft wash uses a soft brush along with running water which is combined to gently brush dirt off your roof. It is more labour intensive and not as 100% effective as a hard wash. However it will remove the build up of grime on your roof and this is the most important factor. roof cleaning in Dublin is a vital factor for the longevity of any type of roof.

Roof Cleaning

Hard washing is the most effective way of cleaning your roof. The hard wash uses a power wash system, It will clear away all the dirt, algae and moss on it. With both the soft wash and hard wash, roofs that are heavily affected with moss or algae, we would recommend using a bio-detergent to remove the build up of the moss or algae before you do any type of roof cleaning

Another great option on a roof once it is clean is to use a tile paint. With tile painting, you can opt to make your roof any colour although we would recommend the standard slate, black or terracotta look. The added benefit to using a tiling paint is the sealing it will provide on the roof. It will help to protect the original tiles and keep off further algae and moss for a while longer.

As long as your roof is kept clean, no dirt will build up into the gutters. If a guttering system becomes blocked because of moss, it will cause degradation and the water to become stagnant in it. The added weight can cause gutters to come loose and worse, water can start to seep into your timber back boards. Avoid it all by doing a maintenance on your roof once a year.


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Which Course To Choose?

Choosing the right course for you is the single most important event that lies before you once you have chosen the career path you desire.

For some, choosing the right course is easy: they have always wanted to be a doctor or a vet. Others tend to choose their third-level options on the basis of the number of points they expect to achieve in the Leaving Certificate, rather than on their particular aptitudes and interests. The result is that a considerable number of students discover that they have started on courses that may be unsuitable to them. For most, however, there is simply a huge variety of courses that to many of which involve subjects that are not taught in school. So how should you go about choosing the right course?

1: Evaluate your Interests and Skills.

This requires the individual to develop an explicit degree of cognizance. This entails asking yourself: What reasonably person am I? This method of self-assessment consists of mistreatment many instruments so as to uncover your interests, temperament sort, work connected values and skills. it’s observing these items together which will assist you make out what courses are smart matches for you, and you may learn one thing which will surprise you. The bigger the overlap between associate degree individual’s interests, aptitudes and private characteristics and people needed by the realm of study, the bigger the degree of satisfaction once engaged therein space of study. Your steering Counsellor can give you with access to type of self- assessment inventories. This method can assist you decide that course most closely fits you. If you discover the correct course at the correct school you may be impressed to succeed.

2: Look into the courses you think suit you the most

Make a list of courses to explore and then research each course. The internet, college website, friends are your best sources of information and support. Find someone you know that is already doing the course you have chosen for insight into how the course is developing. Attend any open days at the college or university to get a feel on how the atmosphere is. Some 30% of third level students drop out or change course, so something is going wrong with students initial decisions. A lot of heartache can be avoided if you take the time to look at the college to find out out the area’s you will be studying on your course and to find out the content of the individual parts of each of the subjects. In this way you will know exactly what lies ahead of you. Finding out later you have made the wrong choice can be both costly and set you back a year or more.  If you decide to change course and repeat 1st year in college you will pay the full cost for that repeat year – a total of around 5,000 euros.

Consider options outside the CAO, such as the further education sector. Many students who do not secure the points they want for a course through the CAO, do very well in a Post-Leaving Certificate course in the discipline they want to study and then go on to secure a place in their preferred CAO course the following year.

  • Identify the courses in which you are most interested and some alternatives on which to fall back if you do not get the points for your first choice.
  • Give serious thought to how you will prepare to enter your chosen course: for example do you have the right subjects? There are certain subjects that are essential for entry to particular courses and colleges and it is important that you are aware of these. Check online at 
  • Make sure you meet the minimum entry requirements, for example do you require higher level Maths or Irish for your course?
  • Check out the duration of the course and additional costs such as accommodation, books, travel etc.
  • Other factors which may need to be taken into consideration include family responsibilities, financial difficulties and disabilities that may interfere with pursuing your goals.
  • Finally don’t forget to get advice from your guidance counsellor.

Step 3: Cater a course to suit your personality and skill set.

During this phase of the career planning process you will decide which course is the best fit for you based on what you now know about yourself and the courses you have researched. This will entail looking at the jigsaw pieces of your life to date and putting them together. Considering your interests, hobbies, skills, aptitudes and achievements, both academic and personal, and identifying certain personality traits combined with appropriate course exploration will hold the key to successful course choice.

Step 4: Sign up

Read the rules and regulations surrounding the Disability Access Route to Education and the Higher Education Access Route schemes, details of which are outlined in the General Information section of the CAO handbook.

You need to apply for any course listed as “restricted” in the  handbook by February 1st. All other courses can be added or removed from your application list up to the final change of mind deadline in July 1st.

If you are thinking of going to a PLC college, you must apply directly to the college preferably in January as some courses are very popular. Places are offered on a first-come first-served basis in most cases.

If you are considering studying in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, you must submit an application to by January 15th, unless you are applying for medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and veterinary science, and for all courses at Oxford and Cambridge for which the application is October 15.

Choosing the right course is a big decision and it is important to get it right as it can impact your future success. If you can manage to get it right it will help you to take the next step in your career journey into the right postgraduate course in a few years.

The art of driveway paving

When we think of exterior design and installations, paving and surfacing in particular, the word ‘art’ wont normally come into our heads because many people see it as a gritty,  hard job and although it can be a hard job, the precision and skill needed is huge. Block paving, a style of paving and indeed surfacing itself, will use some of the best stonework around. It’s normally used on driveways and on patios alike and even on roads!

Block paving, if you choose to use it, is quite possibly one of the best choices you could make because it will not only add an extra clean layer to your home, it also separates it from other exterior surfaces. At Select Paving we actually specialise in particular with paving and surfacing and block paving is one of the most common and favourites from our clients! It can be designed to your specification, we can design totally unique driveways or patios that can match your home and completely individualise it. The extensive range of designs we have will give you a huge selection to choose from.

We’ll take care of everything for you; with a dedicated team of professionals at hand that can fully excavate your drive, removing any weeds and waste materials, before they start the block paving process of laying a solid base, while we design and customise your new driveway. Whatever the design and colour of block paving that you have decided upon will then be installed and with careful accuracy we’ll leave you with a driveway that will last you years!

Think you might be interested in having us look at your project or driveway? Don’t hesitate to get in touch now by contacting us at our website : Select Paving Dublin



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